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April 28, 2006


Emmalee Veich

I am a high school student in the California North Valley. I am on an English III debate team, and I am pro-medical marijuana-I fully agree with your point of view. I was wondering if you would mind if I use some of your valid points in my class-room debate. Thank you,
Emmalee Veich


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Blair Anderson

A debate at the university of Otago last thursday was entirely unhelpful in resolving this question. They couldnt even distinguish between the two prohibitions. Casual alcohol consumers were never targeted with criminal sanction for posession or use.

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prohibition always its failure!

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I thought all thos school programs got the wrong vision because they just made biiger the myth of the drugs... we need people top talk about experiences and life.. and on that way with good infornation and lived examples we can teach our students.. not on another way...

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About this discussion I have to tell you that's very normal, maybe I disagree with alcohol but marijuana it's o.k because it's used in medical treatments.

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