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April 26, 2006



"The Goldberg approach is a bizarre brand of democracy: we ask the people for their opinion only if we already know their answer."

Isn't that what snap elections are all about, to shore up a mandate?

It seems like Goldberg is looking for legitimacy for troop presense, which a vote of confidence certainly would provide. Although I must admit that I'm not terribly comfortable with the notion foreigners deciding US military policy. Indeed, our own leaders do not follow polls.

As to your last paragraph, Goldberg seems more interested in after the fact (cosmetic) justification than stopping violence.

An interesting, academic, notion. Nothing more, nothing less.

L Miller

I found this by actively searching google for "iraq vote us out". This is the one and only result returned. Whether it would have a negative or positive effect on terrorism, US policy, or the end of the dang world, WHY?

(And yes, I'll try more ways of wording it, but if it was being discussed much at all, this term should bring a hundred or more hits, anyway).

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