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April 28, 2006



I would argue that decriminalization is likely to exacerbate drug related crimes. Demand for drugs is likely to increase (at least marginally), with this greater demand I would imagine that suppliers will compete violently for additional marketshare.

Such a policy would likely do more damage to opposition to the drug war due to increased violence and drug related crimes.

David Skarbek

"...amounts of these drugs for personal use will not be sanctioned by police."

Should this say that it will be sanctioned by police?


Occasionally, a word can have contradictory meanings. Such a case is represented by sanction, which can mean both “to allow, encourage” and “to punish so as to deter.”

Douglas Miron Nydick

Why does every "foray" in the war on drugs only attack the supply side? Even if we executed every drug dealer in the country today, and destroyed every mature drug-producing plant world-wide, how long would it take for the current traffic to revive, given the massive lucrative demand? Months?

If those claiming to fight a war on drugs were serious, they would attack the demand side. I would reccomend a mandatory year in jail, or perhaps 3 weeks in stocks and pillories, maybe poblic flogging, for every, repeat every youngster arrested for a first time drug possession. THAT would be a war on drugs. If the powers are not willing to do that, then it is time to forget the "war" and address drug use as a public health issue, not a military or criminal one.

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