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May 27, 2006



Good post Jeffrey but like most things libertarian or anarchist it would require a level of ethical behavior and personal responsiblity not to be expected from a populace used to depending on an omnipotent Government.


Mike Huben

Of course, the three-economist sample listed are people at the top of their game, with little to worry about in terms of immigrant talent, working at universities that already can import pretty much any faculty they want.

And Miron probably doesn't need public funding: there seems to be endless dollars available for people who will generate right-wing economics stories. That's what we'd have instead of research if public grant funding was eliminated. Think-tank level propaganda. Judging from this blog, he'd be fine at it. I'm not qualified to judge his research.


How is government funded research bad? Doesn't it have a positive externality?



It's not the research that's bad. Miron naver made that claim. Besides, if I told you that "My economics research will generate positive externalities. Therefore, you should let me dig into your pocketbook," you'd rightly dismiss that as a nonsequitur. Well, it's the same nonsequitur when the government makes that claim.

Paul H. Rubin

Actually,economists would lose personally from "eliminating or reducing pratically every government program." First there are a large number of economists employed in running these programs, and they would all compete with academic economists if the government jobs disappeared. Second, many economists do consulting regarding these programs. Third, many economists are associated with think tanks that raise their money from those involved in supporting or opposing these programs.

I worked at the FTC when Jim Miller was Chairman. He basically opposed many antitrust policies that subsantially contributed to incomes of many economists, including many former FTC employees (which he would soon be). It was basically an anti-self interested act.


That's very reasonable, very fun article.

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