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May 28, 2006


Alan Brown

The notion that imposing democracy on the Middle East will improve things is faulty.

What the Middle East really needs is national boundries that make sense, instead of those imposed upon them by foreigners.

Of course, when you try to discuss such ideas with George Bush and his followers, you tend to get the most undemocratic response.

As it turns out, the US isn't the democratic ideal. Many countries have more democracy. In any case, the level of democracy it has chosen is up to the US. Other countries have the same perogative.

And for that matter, if democracy is so great, why isn't the US for it at the UN? Probably because it doesn't want to have less influence on things than India.

Maybe democracy isn't the cure all knee jerk solution to every political problem.


For that matter, if democracy is so great, why don't its advocates pool together what is now their individually owned private property and use majority voting to decide what to do with it? I mean, here is an opportunity to create more democracy almost instantly. Why don't the advocates of increased democracy sieze it?

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