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May 31, 2006


Russ Neal

Preventing gay marriage is not more important than stopping abortion, but it is the current battle. More people are opposed to gay marriage than to abortion, and thus this battle is more winnable. If we wait for the courts to impose gay marriage a la Roe v Wade it will be too late.
The problem with gay marriage is that it implicitly destroys the idea of holy matrimony. If the crime against nature is just as good as biblical marriage then why bother? If D students are to be given As, why work hard at getting As? If traditional marriage and the family recede, the state will move in to more and more of its traditional territory. Can libertarians want that?

Alan Brown

Nobody wants to impose a gay marriage on you.

They just want you to stop imposing your arbitrary rules on their relationships and allow everyone equal treatment, regardless of gender.

If you think government should not be in the business of blessing gay relationships, then support the idea of getting the government out of the business altogether, whether uinions are gay, straight, polygamous, whatever.

The government should be indifferent to what some consider a "holy" aspect of people making commitments. Those that prefer that government legislate such things should move to a theocracy like Iran which enforces such things.

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