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June 05, 2006



I disagree that the market "seems to want" affirmative action. The market wants universities that deliver a lot of value per dollar of tuition. The easiest way for a university to do this is for the university to accept public financing, grants, etc. With those grants and funds come lots of federal legislation, including a lot of programs that - if they do not actively mandate affirmative action - certainly put in place lots of structural biases that soon lead to affirmative action.

The correct way (I assert) to look at affirmative action is as a COST of attending a university (the pool of peers is slightly less intelligent than it would otherwise be, etc.), but this cost is far outweighed by all of the benefits that come in the same package (federally funded research libraries, good labs, professors with grants, etc.).

Mike Huben

"So what is the solution? Eliminate public schools."

Ah, the clarity and certainty of ideology! Just like a guillotine!

"When a government owned and operated school uses race as an admissions criterion, this breeds resentment and polarization. Yet if public schools are to compete with elite private schools they must pratice affirmative action. Private schools do, so that is what the market seems to want."

Where to start on such an ill-conceived mess? A few court cases is not the way to measure resentment and polarization? Private school admission decisions may be opaque enough (or protected) so that no court cases can ensue? Many private schools have deliberately discriminatory admissions based on race, religion, language, or ethnicity?

I guess the mess makes no difference to Miron, since his preconceived answer to everything is throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Relieve stress due to uncertainty! Take Ideology, the mind-clearing drug recommended by religious and political leaders for millennia! Caution: may be habit forming. Side effects may include logorrhea, newspeak, gullibility, hatred, joining private militias, and genocide.


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