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June 16, 2006


Mike Huben

Typical right-wing echo chamber here, reciting debunked propaganda.

Will Stossel Endorse Phony "Lynxgate" Story?

You'd think somebody with Mr. Miron's credentials would be able to do his research and present credible information.

Mike Huben

The sad thing is that much of what passes for conservative and libertarian argument consists of uncritically accepted recitation of propaganda that can easily be debunked.

Google 'Stossel lynx', and the first hit is the story above.

I've caught David Friedman in similar blunders.


For the first time I agree with Mike Huben. Stossel is the champion of the "Anecdote equals universal Truth" school of journalism.


Tim Lambert

Mind you, this part of Miron's post is accurate and applies to Stossel:

But in this area, as in many others, extremists seem to capture the agenda. And this extremism takes two forms. One is the use of dishonest or violent tactics.

Mike Huben

Hi, Tim!

I was surprised to see you respond to this one: I thought this was an obscure blog.

Then I had the evil suspicion that Miron might also be citing people like Stephen Milloy, formerly of CATO. A google search came out clean (good for Miron!) However, I came across your criticism of Miron's gun control work when cited by the infamous "Mary Rosh", and so that explains why you might have noticed.

Clever Leftist

I agree with Lambert, Stossel uses violent tactics. So many of us noble leftists have been violently murdered by Stossel that it almost makes me a believer in the death penalty.

Mike Huben

To the extent that Stossel's propaganda has enabled libertarian ideas of neglect, yes you can consider many to have been murdered by him.

But it's a much more direct argument that he's just plain dishonest.

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