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June 24, 2006



I don't think that Hilary can win the Democratic nomination. The grass-roots orgnizations don't like her and she isn't quite liberal enough.

I'm not sure who will win, but I think it will be someone to the left of Clinton.

Trent McBride

So was it a straight up bet, or are there odds involved? My view is that she is the most likely single candidate to win, but her chances are less than 50-50.

Chris. F. Masse .COM

Your analysis lacks one crucial thing:

The error margin of the market-generated forecast, which is very high, since we're still far away from the primaries.

Alan Brown

Ugh! I can't bear to watch.


I recommend this post by an American blogger on the same subject. (I'm Irish but would like to see a woman President of the US, I think it's long overdue.



Poor bet it seems. Maybe your wife will accept making beds for the term of the next president (4-8 years) in lieu of all your wealth?

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