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June 01, 2006


C'mon Jeff, we all know how to take care of this and all other "unintended consequences" - Create a new federal program! And so the cycle of government growth continues.

Long live Leviathan!

Mike Huben

Let's talk about the unintended consequences of markets then.

Lice have developed resistance to all of the safer insecticides. Probably due to unregulated and unmonitored sales and use of those insecticides.

There are two obvious solutions: shaving the head and louse combs. People don't like either for a few reasons, and so they buy ineffective OTC insecticides, which merely lengthen the period until they resort to the other treatments and eradicate the lice. That keeps many kids out of school longer than necessary.

When my wife and kids got head lice about 10 years ago, I shaved their heads down to 3/4 inch or less and then used a louse comb on the remainder. Worked immediately. My kids were in school the next day.

Markets have lots of unintended consequences that are similar, but with far worse effects, such as fraudulent medical treatments.


The best lice treatment is to use a fine tooth lice comb and pick through the hair strand by strand under a bright light. We live in an area that has a lice problem and my daughter has a tendency to get lice at least twice a year. She has missed exactly one day of school because of it and that was the first time she got them. I used otc shampoos and sprays for that infestation and it was a waste of money. Now when I find she has them I go through her hair and she's right back to school with clearance from the school nurse. Then I comb her hair with the lice comb every day after her shower, for about 2 weeks. Infestations gone. Easy, non-toxic and cheap.

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