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June 14, 2006


LP Mike Sylvester

Starving the beast does not work at all.

There is only one solution.

Vote the IDIOTS out of office.

We need some Libertarians...

Mike Sylvester

Mike Huben

Of course the foolish ideological STB interpretation doesn't notice that non-governmental spending on health care and education is going through the roof. Pensions are also coming home to roost in the parts of the private sector that haven't left employees without retirement benefits.

The problem with such stupid ideologies is that they presume there is only one cause for events. Which leaves them unable to explain events that match the ones they explain, but aren't likely to have their preferred cause.


There are explanations for those events. Government policies have removed price sensitivity from the health sector so prices have no relation to products and services being purchased.

Of course I have no idea why you would bring these items up as they have absolutely no relation to what Miron actually posted about.

Calling a theory foolish doesn't make it so.


This does not even sort of convince me that starve the beast works at the national level. It's an apples to oranges comparison. State government and federal government are two very different animals. For example, states need voter approval to issue bonds, while the US government does not.

Mike Huben


Miron calls this evidence:
"state officials are worried about ballooning spending in such areas as health care, education and public pensions". So it's fair game to point out that the evidence from the private sector works against his argument. Learn to read.

As for "calling a theory foolish doesn't make it so", that's why I provided evidence. Learn to understand arguments.


I see that you conveniently ignored the explantion about rising health care costs. Good for you.

I also failed to notice any evidence that STB is a foolish theory.

Mike Huben

Chris, let's presume for a monent that your claim about government intervention raising costs was true.

Even if it was true, that still wouldn't make "starve the beast" correct. rates are going up for government and non-government purchasers, so STB psychological explanations for government behavior just don't explain everything. Please keep your libertarian conspiracy theories straight.

That WAS my evidence that STB is foolish: it doesn't explain the identical problems in the private sector. Please learn to read and think before you criticize.

Peter F. Kuntz

Isn't the real difference that the federal government gets to -- in effect -- print the money?

"Starve the Beast" can work on the state level.

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