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July 26, 2006



How would you propose addressing the issue, then? Would a requirement that the notification requirements of the girl's state of residence apply be less onerous? On one hand, the proposed requirement is only one rule, not 50; on the other hand, it creates notification requirements where there may not be one.

Mike Huben

"Imposing policy at the federal level generates polarization and acriminony that is desctructive of a civil society."

Absolutely. Consider, for example, the freeing of the slaves and the civil rights act. Would that those people were still working on the plantations, rather than the polarization and acrimony we've had! Right, Mr. Miron? (Sarcasm alert, for the obtuse.)

What Mr. Miron seems not to understand is that the institution of government channels existing polarization and acrimony safely through electorial and legislative processes. These processes have more credibility for justice among the people than mere taking of sides, and while folks may not like the results, they tend to abide by them.


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