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July 12, 2006



Unintended consequences is a problem but an unavoidable one. What happens in government is that when the opposite results occur it is very diffcult to reverse the legislation so as not to lose face. Usually the 'rememdy' is to make the rules even tighter which of course just exerbates the problem. Only after decades of decline and with a new sheriff in town can the legislation be purged. A great case in point was the GOP's change in welfare policies.

Garry Stockton

Just one question, and one comment.

The comment-excellent blog; I've been sending friends who don't understand the case for consequentialist libertarianism here for explanation-your capacity to do so cogently and succinctly is far greater than my own.

Question-where can I find Negative Consequences #1and #2 ? I've perused your archives in vain-well, maybe not in vain, since I found much more worth reading.

Thanks for this blog; I enjoy it greatly. It has become a regular read.


Garry, you can find them just here. They were posted in July. If you choose the archive of July, you'll find them just below this bost.

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