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July 14, 2006



I think this is one of the more convincing reasons for anarcho-capitalism. The fundamental monopoly the government always has (by definition) is on retaliatory force. The monopoly on retaliatory force is what guarantees the growth. Has any government reduced its size willingly? Even the limits of government and the “check and balances” of the constitution fell to the events of the day. I think the more interesting question is “are we past the tipping point of government growth in the US.” Is it too late? Or can debate on the blogsphere turn us around? … ; )


No one defends laissez-faire policies by arguing that markets are perfect (whatever that means) any more than physicists defend Newton's first law of motion by arguing that there is no friction. Rather, the unpersuasive view that markets are perfect is a classic straw man argument by interventionists that they attribute to laissez-faire proponents.

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