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July 23, 2006



You conclude:
"I forecast that even advocates of intervention may rue the day we started down the slippery slope."

This seems to imply that we could somehow loftily remain upon some high perch, free of all interventions. I think the reality is that we are always living precisely on the slippery slope (and always will), and our task is to figure out ways to find gain purchase, to crawl up a bit, to find positions that have the best cost/benefit ratio.


"Many non-libertarians regard this last point as ridiculous exaggeration; they see no evidence that countries like the U.S. are slipping toward Big Brother and “1984.”"

How very true this is. Even in countries where things really have gotten as bad as 1984, people maintained until the very end that putting up with each specific encroachment was probably a safer bet than opposing the increasing authority of their governments. At the end it becomes the ultimate public goods problem. Resisting an out of control government is a public good with the costs of resistance faced almost entirely by the resister.

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