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August 19, 2006



I hope its good commitments. hurry back...

maybe you could have Huben be the guest blogger while you are away ; )

Gabriel M.

Yes. Guest blogging is the only way to go (I'm unsure about typepad's technical aspects). Otherwise, just watch your feed for people unsubscribing. 6 months is an Internet era. Some of us will still be here, though.

Mark Thoma

If you change your mind and restart sooner, that would be just fine with me. I encourage you to do so...


Enjoyed your blog very much. Please do come back.


As a libertarian I assure you that you will be missed on the blogging scene. Not all libertarians have your credentials, nor all (hardly) those with lofty economic credentials being libertarian.

Thanks for sharing during your blogging "career".


Oh no, please don't stop blogging, not even for a while. I've enjoyed your blog so much.

Mike Huben

I'd have fun as a guest blogger. :-)


I'll miss your blog. Please consider blogging occasionally.

With RSS your readers do not have to manually check for new posts.


It was interesting reading your thoughts, Mr Miron. Hope to see you start blogging again much sooner!


Most likely, Prof Miron's unwavering faith in free markets has convinced him that the "invisible hand" will take over from him....



You could always update your own blog...


I just found your blog, only to learn that you won't be blogging for a while. Good luck on your new project. Carola Moreno (I'm back in Chile)

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